The Golden Circle, a full Spectrum of Care



Dr. RausaA Message from the Board President

Today, as in our beginning, we are dedicated to caring for our residents with a personal touch keeping them health, providing activities, offering a safe environment, and making it as home-like as state and federal licensing regulations will allow. Our residents can connect with sense of place and family by bringing a piece or two of furniture and decorating their room with memorabilia.
Our sixteen member volunteer Board of Directors today, as in the past, is committed to our mission and to serving the needs of the citizens of our area.

Dr. Rausa

  • Dr. Alfio Rausa • Board President
  • Gay Moss • First Vice-President
  • Christine Lymon• Second Vice-President
  • Gene Stansel • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jim Burgoon • General Counsel
  • Richard Avant
  • Karla Bowen
  • Dwight Dunn
  • Mike Goldberg
  • Allan Hammons
  • Dr. John Hey, MD, CMD
  • Dean Kidd, RPH
  • Dr. Frank Stainbeck, DDS
  • Russell Martin
  • Leroy Ware
  • Dudley McBee

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