Trusted Nursing Home for More Than 60 Years

Golden Age Nursing Home is a Medicare-certified facility providing short- and long-term nursing and rehabilitative services. We exist to help patients who need to be taken care of after their hospitalization for injuries or severe illnesses.


A Glimpse of Our Programs

Our skilled team offers individualized assessment and treatment to ensure we meet the needs of our patients. We also provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs.

Why Choose Us?

We want our patients to feel comfortable by making their time with us as pleasant as possible. That is why we make sure that our nursing home has a safe and warm environment for them.

Additionally, while the long-term and rehabilitative care industry changes, our team will continue to be prioritizing our residents’ needs.

All About Medicare Coverage

Medicare will partially pay for up to 100 days of skilled care following a minimum stay of at least three in-patient nights in a hospital. The admission must be related to the reason the person was hospitalized.

It also requires skilled nursing care or therapy that needs to be administered on an in-patient basis.

More About Medicare Coverage

Medicare will pay for inpatient rehabilitation if it's medically necessary following an illness, injury, or surgery once you've met certain criteria. A 3-day hospital stay is required before admission. On day 1-20, Medicare will pay at 100%. On days 21-100, the patient is responsible for up to $200 coinsurance per day. These services cover a room, meals, skilled nursing care; Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, medial Social Services, Medications, Medical Supplies and equipment used in the facility, and Dietary Counseling.


Learn More About Us

Do you have any questions about our nursing home and the programs we offer? Get in touch with us today for more information. We will gladly walk you through our services for your convenience.